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God has graciously provided for us over these many years, we are completely dependent on Him. We are very thankful for the generosity of soo many towards us, this has helped us to continue to cover ongoing server costs and the building of new features. Join us in our mission to continue to advance the gospel.


*we are not a charity but funded from our own personal finances.

Bible AI Services Roadmap

A comprehensive view of our plans for the future, so you can keep up-to-date on what's coming



Platform Development & Training

2017 - 2022: Researched, developed, tuned, tested, trained and deployed machine learning models and platform.



Finalisation & Launch

2022 - 2023: Given the high accuracy in the majority of tests and strong user feedback, the Bible AI platform was launched - and continues to improve.


In Progress

Bible Reader & Study Plan

Q2 2023: Undergoing testing and development for launch.


Enhanced Search Results & Enrichment

Q3 2023: Additional search features pending development.


Exciting Additional Services

Q4 2023: Additional Gospel-based services utilzing our platform.